Happy to be a Mom!

I love this thought from President David O. McKay

"She, who can paint a masterpiece or write a book that will influence millions -- deserves the admiration and the plaudits of man. But she who rears a family of beautiful sons and daughters, whose influence will be felt through generations to come, long after paintings have faded, and books have been destroyed she deserves the highest honor that man can give, and the choicest blessings of God. In her high duty and service to humanity, she is co-partner with the Creator himself."

Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 Year Old Pictures

Today we went to a darling park and had a friend take pictures of Spencer and us. Our one year old boy was so cute, we couldn't resist putting up a couple of the first. The park was at this old mill stream, it had a red barn, a bridge, and windmill. So cute.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bed Time

Spencer is our crazy one year old. He has lots of energy and is usually jumping and moving constantly until we put him down for bed and then he is out. Here is a movie of a typical bed time routine, Spencer is attempting to get all of his energy out before going to sleep.

Spencer is 1 Year Old

Spencer turned 1 on May 26th, yesterday. We celebrated on Monday by playing in the park and having a cake fest. We had his grandparents and aunts and uncles on skype they got to watch him demolish an entire cake. Well not demolish he was actually pretty tame for the most part, but he got a good chunk of it.

I made him a football cake that he got to eat all by himself, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I also make another cake that we ate with some friends that we have met since we moved here. If you can't tell it says Cougars (BYU) on one side of the football field and Irish (Notre Dame) on the Other side and Happy Birthday in the middle. It is supposed to be a Food ball field. It tasted good even if it wasn't perfect!

He got this walking train for his birthday. He has not taken his first step on his own yet but can walk with help from mom or dad ad with this new train. He will be walking before we know it. Look out!

Too much Birthday Cake

Since eating the cake took awhile we thought we would add the ending of the experience.

Birthday Cake

For his first birthday Spencer got a whole cake all to himself. He got a football cake. In the video he wasn't sure just what to do with a whole cake. What would you do? He helped himself a bit!

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Home

We live in the On campus married with children apartments. They are attached to a play ground and the rent is cheaper than provo. So win, Win Win.
We have two bedrooms, Spencer is asleep so his room will have to wait. But our room, is just fine,
Our awesome very roomy kitchen, with lots of cupboard space. Actually our cupboards are all 1/2 empty, after all we just brought the basics.
So we got home Wednesday Night and our now moved in with our wonderful furniture. For those of you who don't know we came out with just our car and car top carrier. What a trip. We bough an apartment full of furniture for $300.00. The people we got it from got it cheap or free from craigslist- so you know it is good quality stuff!

I especially love the couches, 1970's Dream (ok, maybe nightmare), but they will do for 12 months right?
Here is my cute pink and yellow bathroom, the only room in the house that is decorated.

Spencer discovering the kitchen, and then helping daddy put child proof locks on. Spencer loved the drill which our awesome neighbor let us borrow

Vacation III Maryland

A Few Days after we moved to Notre Dame. We went on a 2 week vacation. We saw Kirtland, Ohio, Niagra Falls, (dinner in Canada), Syracuse, Palmyra NY, Boston, New York City, Philedelphia, and spent a week in D.C. What a trip. Check out the highlights (oh picts from the first week got erased so we just have from NY on).

We were in Washington D.C. for almost a week and our Darling Friends Cathi and Bryce let us stay with them and there new 3 month old darling baby Mark.

We went with them to the Aquarium, thanks so much for the tickets guys. It was awesome. Spencer had a blast!

Vacation II D.C.

We also got to see our friend Ronny a friend that Devin and I both know from our semester in Spain (although I did not get a picture with him, I just got the picture with the clown and our balloon dog.
Here was Devin's favorite Smithsonian, the Air and Space Museum. Devin would love to fly an airplanes.

The Nation's Capital, we got to take a tour inside it was awesome. Although we were late because we were seeing the Jefferson Memorial so we had to sprint all the way there.

Here is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Spencer is trying to learn how to walk, although he doesn't have much patience for it. oh well, he will get there.

In the Metro, Spencer hanging in the stroller.
Beautiful Washington DC Temple.

In D.C we got ot see lots of our friends. Naomi's friend Kaleb works in DC right by the capital and hung out with us for a couple of days. It was awesome to see him. Spencer just loved him.

We went to Gettysburg, and took the driving tour and saw a cool antique fair. Sunday we went to Arlington Cemetery and saw the changing of the gaurd, spencer didn't think too much of it, but we thought it was fabulous.


wHere we are in the Lincoln Memoria, Spencer found a friend, arn't they cute together. The little girl was holding three little yellow flowers that she came up and gave to me. So cute.


I love this picture because you can see this crooked smile that sometimes appears on his face. Its really cute because Devin also has a crooked smile just like this, I'll try to find a picture and post it.
Here is the water fountain in front of the Smithonian, spencer loved the water.

We Next went to Washington DC we saw the Natural History. Spencer loved all the animals

We saw a bunch of 8th graders taking tours and this was by far there favorite picture, all of them stopped and took this picture. The Privy Pit, nice- why would you take a picture of the privy pit, and then what would you do with it? take it home and show your mom?

eSpencer was so excited to be on Devin's shoulder's, that he swung his hands back and grabbed his face :)

Here we are in Central Park, New York City. We climbed this cool Castle that was in the middle of the Park. We also stayed in this Ritzy hotel in the middle of Manhattan because we had a free (up to $400.00) hotel from Hotels.com it was awesome. The parking here was awful!
Next we went to Philedelphia, we saw a printer's shop, Benj. Franklin's Museum, Independence Hall, the Bell. It was fun seeing so much history. D